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At Eminent Wellness, we seek to create a community of healthy families and individuals. Improve your quality of life, naturally! With a gentle touch, we want to help you take your health to the next level.

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Our expert staff will make sure you are in sound health because your wellness is our well being.

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We offer extended treatments for those in need.

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We truly listen to your goals before we treat. We always work with you to make sure we are on the same page.

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We provide you training rather than just handouts so that you can do the stretches when you are on your own.


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With years of experience, our team is capable analyzing your body and creating a custom pain relief and rehabilitation plan to benefit your health. we understand the importance of educating you on your treatment plan and self-care so that you can heal quickly.
Increase Mobility
Our different methods, and prolonged sessions will help you recover with your pain and lead you to healthier and stronger lifestyle.
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This is my first time seeing a chiropractor. I was unsure of what to expect. Dr. Shaw was friendly, punctual, thorough in her examination, and took her time to explain everything to me. She made me feel comfortable as she explained everything she was doing before treating me. Would definitely recommend it. Kelly


What a wonderful soul she is an excellent professional. I took my mom there for some years old body pain issues and headache problems. So many Xrays and ultrasound couldn’t find the cause of the problem but in simply 15 minutes of her check-up exam, Stephanie explained the reasons for her pain. We have done one session so far and the results have been just fantastic. I highly recommend her.


I was really nervous coming here. I always had it in my head that chiro would hurt and your neck could break easily ha. But Stephanie explained step by step what she was doing, why she was doing it and how I would feel during and after. I have never felt so calm afterwards. I am a really anxious awkward person but this experience made me grow and feel open to New things thanks to Stephanie.


I have chronic pain and haven’t taken care of my body to the best I can during times of stress. Going to see Dr. Shaw has helped me a lot and I feel more confident in the way I carry my body. The step of going to see her has helped me physically change my body and has helped me to treat my body better.


Dr. Mandie Gillette is an amazing acupuncturist who has been treating me for a couple of years with much success. She has treated strained muscles, allergy problems and carpal tunnel syndrome without the need for prescription medications!! I highly recommend her services!


Dr Mandie Gillette has been treating me for several years. I have seen her for a variety of issues including a bad knee, low energy, menopause symptoms, sleep and digestion issues. Using her knowledge as well as intuition, she has provided me with relief with each and every treatment fonte dell’articolo. I cannot recommend her enough!


I was always a little nervous to try a chiropractor- but Stephanie came highly recommended and promised she could work on me without having to do all the cracks that I associate with chiropractors. She works within my comfort zone and has helped so much! Would highly recommend her!

Jess S

My fiancé and I have seen Dr. Mandie for years (because in case you didn’t know, she is amazing) but we started seeing Dr. Shaw back in March and can’t wait to continue with her. The clinic is a very calm and welcoming space, and every treatment we’ve had here has been wonderful. We will continue to come here for years to come!