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Why You Should Opt For Cupping Therapy?
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  • 27 Jul 2020


  • Have you ever wondered why cupping therapy is getting popular these days and how it can provide you with several health benefits? If yes, then it is the time you should have a look at the below-mentioned reasons. But before it, let’s understand how cupping massage Calgary work.
  • Cupping is one of the ancient Chinese treatments which were widely used by ancient Egyptians earlier. It stimulates energy through the body meridians. Before the therapy starts, oil is applied to the skin that helps cups to glide during the therapy.
    • In the cupping therapy Calgary, a cloth that is soaked into the alcohol is lit with fire and then inserted in the cup to create the vacuum. After then, these cups are immediately placed over the meridian lines on the back. Due to vacuum, the suction happens through the cup on the skin that results in the suction pulls the blood deep down to the surface of your body.
      • The energy flow and improved blood circulation due to this therapy result in healing. It loosens the connective tissue or fascia and stimulates the healing. Also, it is considered as quite similar to the deep tissue massage that is used to reduce pain and break the scar tissue. Most often, the cups are placed on the shoulders, back, and on the neck.
        • Here are The Top Reasons You Should Opt For Cupping Therapy:
          • Faster Pain Relief
          Cupping therapy is one of the best and effective treatments for arthritis, lower back pain, dental pain, muscle pain, sciatica headache, and even migraines. It increases mobility with blood circulation.  
          • Reduce The Symptoms Of Lung Diseases
          Cupping is also known as an effective treatment to reduce the symptom of certain lung diseases such as asthma, chronic cough, pleurisy, and bronchial congestion.  
          • Healthy Skin
          Cupping enhances the blood flow and the supply oxygen required for attaining healthy and glowing skin. It is also helpful in eliminating various skin complications including the recurrence of acne and eczema while removing the toxic substances from the surface of your skin.  
          • Reduce Anxiety
          When the cups glide over your skin through suction, the parasympathetic nervous system of your body engages. It provides deep relaxation to your entire body and reduces your stress. It can also slow down your heart rate, increase gland and intestinal activity, and improves digestion. Besides, cupping therapy is also used to clear congestion, improve varicose veins & spider veins, reduce scars, and stretch marks.  
          • Now, if you are seeking cupping therapy near me, then Eminent Wellness is the name you should rely on. Their therapists are experienced and skilled in performing this therapy effectively which causes your skin to rise and make your blood vessels expand. Apart from cupping therapy, Eminent Wellness is also a perfect destination to get highly effective chiropractic care, massage therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, Metagenics, and many other safe treatment options that ensure your physical as well as mental wellbeing.
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