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Spine Related

Chiropractic means “healing from the hands”. Spine related injuries are the most common injuries that chiropractors heal. These injuries are often treated through chiropractic manipulation and adjustments. The spinal adjustment is done to correct a vertebral misalignment that causes pressure on the nervous system. It consists of a gentle, specific, manipulation to the spine that can be performed manually or with the use of adjusting instruments.

Dr. Shaw mainly uses the Diversified technique but also uses the activator techniques for infants, children, osteoporotic patients, or simply for those who prefer a lighter adjustment. By removing pressure upon the nervous system, via the spinal adjustment, proper nervous system function is restored to the body and therefore proper overall body function and wellness.

Spinal adjustments are effective at reducing or eliminating acute pains and conditions associated with trauma/injury OR at maintaining optimum health and function if the injury is not a factor. There are three phases of care within chiropractic care:

  • Relief care,
  • Corrective care
  • Wellness care


Spine Related

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