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Virus Procedures & Protocols

While we are still in a pandemic state, these are the protocols our clinic will be diligently following

Clinic Guidelines:

  • Walk-in appointments will not be accepted
  • All appointments must be booked a MINIMUM of 3 hours prior to the appointment time in order for appropriate screening and guidelines to be followed
  • Paper intake forms will not be available. Only consent forms will be in paper form, after which pens and clipboards will be cleaned.
  • Our 24 hour cancellation policy will be waived for any Virus concerns
  • A Virus survey/questionnaire will be emailed 2 hours prior to the appointment. This form is OBLIGATORY for each appointment! We reserve the right to deny entrance into the clinic if this form is not appropriately filled. If it is discovered that the patient lied on the form in order to receive treatment, we reserve the right to PERMANENTLY BAN you from the clinic. If any of the answers lead us to believe the possibility of Virus, the appointment must be canceled, and will not be allowed to rebook until we receive results of a negative test or isolate for a full 14 days and are symptom-free.
  • The door to the clinic remains locked at all times in order to limit foot traffic in the clinic.
  • A log is kept of everyone that enters and leaves the clinic and at which time
  • The waiting room is unavailable at the moment. Even though there is enough space to socially distance, we want to avoid any exposure risk between patients.
  • Air purifiers are being used on a daily basis to not only help eliminate the possibility of airborne viruses, but to help clean the air from all chemicals.

Patient Guidelines:

  • If you arrive early for your appointment, please remain in your vehicle until your appointment time
  • Hands must be sanitized upon clinic ENTRY and EXIT
  • DO NOT TOUCH THE DOORS. Doors will be handled by practitioners only!
  • For Massage, acupuncture or reflexology appointments, top blankets will not be used. If you wish to have the comfort of a top blanket, you can BYOB (bring your own blanket). **We are unable to wash the top blankets after each individual use, and therefore cannot not provide them you.** To provide clarification, sheets are changed and cleaned after each individual patients, but top blankets typically are not
  • A mask must be worn upon entrance to the clinic. If you do not have one, we will provide one for you. During the “face down” portion of prolonged treatments (30 mins or longer) a mask will not be required to be worn due to breathing difficulties. Once the patient turns “face up” or onto their sides, the mask will be required
  • We reserve the right to deny entry to anyone who refuses to wear a mask. Due to the high percentage of immunocompromised patients in our clinic, we have decided this is the best practice to ensure everyone remains as safe as can be. No exceptions will be made!
  • Please let us know if you have chemical sensitivities in order for us to ensure we can wipe down any chemical residues from the surfaces you may be coming into contact with
  • Hand sanitizer can be found in EVERY room and must be used after touching any personal belongings such as phone, wallet, keys, etc.
  • You will be escorted from the entrance into each room. Please do not enter or exit any room without permission. This procedure is in place in order to avoid any contact in between patients of the clinic
  • Payment will be limited to debit or credit. No cash will be accepted at this time. Contactless is preferred, but the POS can be cleaned if contact is needed. Hands must be sanitized BEFORE and AFTER touching the POS..

Practitioner Guidelines:

  • All practitioners must follow the same guidelines as patients in terms of Virus symptoms and exposure. If there is a belief of potential Virus exposure or symptoms the practitioner must cancel all appointment until they are tested negative OR isolate for a full 14 days
  • Practitioners cannot enter the clinic with their “street” clothes, or leave the clinic in their “clinic” clothes
  • Practitioners will be using a separate entrance in/out of the clinic
  • Hands must be sanitized upon entry into the clinic, and upon entry to every distinct room.
  • Hands will be sanitized prior to touching patient, and after touching any tools or object regardless of its sanitary condition
  • Practitioners will be opening doors for all patients in order to limit the contact to the staff only.
  • Sheets will be handled with gloves
  • Sheets will be cleaned at 60*C temperature or above, handled with clean gloves, and kept in a sanitary area until it’s use
  • No top blankets will be used until we are no longer in a pandemic state, due to being unable to clean the blanket after each individual use
  • Disposable medical masks must be worn at all times
  • High touch areas will be frequently disinfected (POS, Keyboards, pens, clipboards, chairs, door handles, desk, etc.)
  • Treatment tables and equipment are disinfected with medical grade Viricide, bactericide, and fungicide after each use.
  • Extra time will be added on to each treatment in order to allow enough time for thorough cleaning. If cleaning is not immediately possible after treatment, a secondary sanitized room will be available for use, until sanitization of the primary room is possible..