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4 Health Benefits of Reflexology You May Not Know
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  • 11 Nov 2020

Reflexology has been there for thousands of years and is widely used as a highly effective treatment alternative for various health ailments. Both the ancient Egyptians and Chinese documented practices associated with reflexology to treat common health conditions at the time. In reflexology, a practice applies pressure to points on the certain areas of your body such as feet, hands, and ears, that connect the reflect areas of your body.

Besides, it has been said that reflexology can help to align your “Qi” which is also known as “life force energy.” Well, some people may find this concept hard to accept, but many studies claim that reflexology is beneficial for a physical level. Reflexology is widely accepted in the medical world and has been physicians all over the world with positive results.

Here are the top benefits of reflexology: 

  • Improved Energy Levels: If you want to increase your metabolism energy within the body then you should opt for reflexology. It is quite helpful to get rid of fatigue, sluggish state. The improved energy levels will also improve you to perform at your work and you will get a better outcome.
  • Improved Blood Circulation: It has been proved that reflexology can improve your blood circulation. It will also improve the performance of your organs as they get more oxygen and increase metabolism. One of the best things is that it will enable your body’s healing ability and re-grow.
  • Improved Nerve System: As we age, our nerve system becomes sensitive and reflexology can stimulate the nerve endings to improve their function and reactivity. Thus, if you are feeling any discomfort or poor posture, then you can try reflexology from any reliable reflexology center Calgary.
  • Headache Relief: Reflexology is highly effective in treating headaches and even migraines. It relieves strain in the muscles that result in that cause headache. In many cases, headaches are caused due to stress, and reflexology can cut the root cause of the issue and related discomfort.

Apart from this, it has been found that getting reflexology treatment is also helpful in reducing urinary tract issues and improving bladder function. That means it helps your body to perform better and eliminate toxins.

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